Lucy's Blog

Lucy's Blog

A little about Lucy - Lucy has just turned 10 years old. She is a gymnast at Amber Valley Gymnastics. 

Cake and cartwheels!

Hi guys, it has been a tough week with an injury but I am fighting back and I am on the countdown to my 10th birthday!

After a full day of training and a fun gymnastics party, in the last 5 minutes a disaster happened. I completed a free walkover on the low beam and sprained the ligaments in my foot. For a week, I couldn’t jump however I have been working hard on my upper body strength.

I am having a sleepover for my party with two friends from school, they don’t do gymnastics but I still like them! They have very different personalities to me and this helps to give me confidence at school, especially when I need an extra bit from somewhere.

My birthday sleepover was awesome, Mummy and Daddy made the back of the lounge look extra cosy and we had fun with glowsticks. We used my My Home Gymnastics panel mat as a mattress which was really fun. My four layer cake, which was lemon flavour, looked and tasted delicious. I shared it with my precious family and friends.

All in all it doesn’t feel much different being double figures except I feel more grown-up!