New to MHG... PayPal Credit

New to MHG... PayPal Credit

Here at My Home Gymnastics we are always keen to offer our customers the very best online retail experience, so when we were approached by PayPal to offer their credit service, it was something that we were certainly interested in. We've worked with PayPal since My Home Gymnastics first began trading back in 2015, and have always trusted their exceptional service both as a retailer and to our customers. In that time, PayPal have grown to become a household name that many of us use, trust and rely on every day. 

The PayPal credit system works as a credit card, but without the plastic! Subject to terms and conditions, you can apply through PayPal for the credit, purchase your item from us and then on purchases over £99 you have 4 months to pay off the balance before you incur any interest on your purchase. What's more, because of the relationship that we have with PayPal, you get your item dispatched and delivered from us straight away! 

I know it's early to mention the 'C' word, but thinking ahead to Christmas 2020, it could be worth considering using PayPal credit on the much coveted beam, bars or mat that your little gymnast is hoping to receive on the big day. 

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