Lenny's First Blog

Lenny's First Blog

Hi, my name is Lenny I am 10 years old and I’m a gymnast. I love both competing and training. I train at a gym called Waveney Gymnastics Club. I have been going since I was just a little baby for play sessions and now I am in the club’s boys squad group.


Competing is a very big thing in gymnastics as well as training, you have to work and train hard to be able to compete. To allow you to go to competitions you have to learn new skills. Sometimes I get nervous competing a skill I know I can already do, because I am scared I will mess it up during the competition or it will not look very good. In the car journey I sometimes feel nervous, but then when I get up onto my pieces I am fine because I know that I have done well and my best and I have made myself feel proud. I’m always glad I took part and have done my best in the end and listened to what we have been taught. I’m also proud of my friends too, we all work hard.


You have to work hard at not only the gym but at home to by stretching and conditioning. I use My Home Gymnastics equipment to help me with this. I find my big gym mat by My Home Gymnastics very useful for stretching and doing my basic skills such as handstands, bridge, press ups and shapes on. I have used it indoors, outside and even at my grandma’s house. I also use my air track for doing lots of flips, splits and handstands it is great fun and great for learning. My sister also loves to use it for her dance and to practise rolls. Last year after my injury to my arm the MHG mat and incline ramp I have made it really useful to continue to condition at home and aid in my recovery and physio. This was Fab! I really love gymnastics; it has allowed me to become very strong and have great skills. And it has giving me a chance to make lots of new friends.

I have a great coach who even when I was injured, he made me a plan to help me get back to full fitness and supported me on returning to gym. He said to me … “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” So, this is something I always try my best at. This is something that everyone should remember.